About Aromatherapy Associates

We have been sharing the therapeutic powers of essential oils for over 30 years. Starting out as therapists in the early 1970s, our founders, Geraldine Howard and Sue Beechey, connected with the emerging practice of aromatherapy. Training under renowned aromatherapist Micheline Arcier, who had herself studied aromatherapy with its original pioneers Marguerite Maury and Jean Valnet M.D, they experienced first-hand the powerfully positive effects of essential oils on our physical and emotional wellbeing. It began a love affair with aromatherapy.

In 1985, Geraldine and Sue's passion for teaching, practicing and blending oils spilled into a desire to share the benefits of aromatherapy with a wider audience. Aromatherapy Associates was born with a small range of therapeutic-grade products and treatments.

Continuing on our rich legacy, we demand the highest quality from our products, searching the world to source the finest ingredients to create our mood, spirit and mind-enhancing formulations.

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Aromatherapy Associates | 아로마테라피 어소시에이트

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룩판타스틱 코리아에서 Aromatherapy Associates (아로마테라피 어소시에이트) 의 다양한 라인업을 살펴보시고 고객님에게 적합한 최고의 상품을 찾아보세요. 연중 다양한 프로모션 및 전 상품 무료배송을 통해 고객님께 최고의 가치를 제공해 드립니다.